Thank you very much for visiting L4K3 POPUP at Daimaru Kobe.
We would like to report on the event on 3/14 (Tue.), the final day of POPUP, which was announced on social media.

On the last day, the brand owners, Max and Katia, came to Japan from Italy and held a semi-order event for bracelets and Queen Lake at the store.

Brand owner and producer Max.

Katia is also a brand owner and designer.

Designer Katia thought of matching colors to suit the bag and the customer, and Max, who is dexterous with her hands, created the bracelet and handed it to the customer.

Despite being on a weekday, the event was a great success. I would appreciate it if you were happy with the customers who came to the store.

Since it will be an event for Max Katya to come to Japan, it will be held only for a limited time. In the future, we would like to hold an upgraded event again based on the requests from our customers.

Please come and visit us at that time.
thank you very much!

March 15, 2023