L4K3 × muta Light Bonding hoodie (WHITE)


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light bonding setup
A light bonding setup consisting of a hoodie and pants created through a collaboration between L4K3 and MUTA.

The pullover type hoodie has a design that is full of originality, with patches attached to the chest and shoulders, making it the focal point of your styling.

It has a stress-free, lightweight feel that retains its elasticity, and the smooth, three-dimensional silhouette creates a clean impression.

The pants are highly mobile and comfortable to wear, making use of the smooth and light material of light bonding.

Although it has a simple design, the collaboration logo on the feet is impressive and can be worn with any top or outerwear.
・Polyester: 76%
・Rayon: 18%
・Polyurethane: 6%

・Polyester: 76%
・Rayon: 18%
・Polyurethane: 6%
[ 0 (ladies) size]
■Parker ・Length: 64.5cm
・Width: 56.0cm
・Shoulder width: 45.5cm
・Sleeve length: 59.5cm

■Pants ・Waist: 74.0cm
・Hip: 92.0cm
・Rise 25.5cm
・Inseam 62.5cm
・Water width 29.0cm

[4(S) size]
■Parker ・Length: 67.5cm
・Width: 58.0cm
・Shoulder width: 47.0cm
・Sleeve length: 61.5cm

■Pants ・Waist: 78.0cm
・Hip: 96.0cm
・Rise: 26.0cm
・Inseam: 63.5cm
・Water width: 30.0cm

[5(M) size]
■Parker ・Length 69.5cm
・Width 60.0cm
・Shoulder width 48.5cm
・Sleeve length 63.0cm

■Pants ・Waist: 82.0cm
・Hip: 100cm
・Rise: 26.5cm
・Inseam: 65.5cm
・Water width: 31.0cm

[6(L) size]
■Parker ・Length: 71.0cm
・Width: 62.0cm
・Shoulder width: 50.0cm
・Sleeve length: 64.0cm

■Pants ・Waist: 86.0cm
・Hip: 104cm
・Rise: 27.0cm
・Inseam: 67.5cm
・Water width: 32.0cm

[7(XL) size]
■Parker ・Length: 72.0cm
・Width: 65.0cm
・Shoulder width: 52.0cm
・Sleeve length 65.0cm

■Pants ・Waist: 92.0cm
・Hip: 110cm
・Rise: 27.5cm
・Inseam: 68.5cm
・Water width: 33.0cm

[8(XXL) size]
■Parker ・Length: 73.0cm
・Width: 69.0cm
・Shoulder width: 54.0cm
・Sleeve length: 66.0cm

■Pants ・Waist: 98.0cm
・Hip: 116cm
・Rise: 28.5cm
・Inseam: 70.0cm
・Water width: 35.0cm