The L4K3 POP-UP shop has opened on the 1st floor of the Daimaru Kobe store, where the L4K3 flagship shop is located.

Although it is only for one week from 3/8 (Wed) to 3/14 (Tue), it is a shop that conveys the world view of L4K3.

The display this time features illustrations by the artist Eritsuin, who has worked on the L4K3 shopper and macaron box illustrations.

In addition, with the cooperation of Buntaro Sandals, which is also handled by ZenStyle, we created objects with motifs of floating rings and anchors.

Brand owners/designers Max and Katia will be visiting Japan from Italy on March 14th (Tuesday). We will hold a semi-order event for Queen Lake and bracelets on the day only !
*Semi-order event will end at 16:00

It is an event where you can have a one-of-a-kind experience, such as Mr. Max himself processing the rope on the spot, so please come to L4K3 POPUP on the 1st floor of Daimaru Kobe!

Daimaru Kobe 1F
3/8 (Wed.)-3/14 (Tue.)

March 08, 2023