March 14, 2023 night.
We held a "L4K3 NIGHT" party at the Oriental Hotel Kobe.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the many customers who visited us on the day of the event.
Everyone brought their own L4K3 BAG and participated in the party.
At L4K3 NIGHT, in addition to the semi-ordered bracelets that Daimaru Kobe POP-UP did, we also held a semi-ordered event for L4K3 CAP, where you can choose patches and embroidery.

The bracelets made by Max were very popular here as well, and the line didn't break until the end of the party.

The meals served at a separate booth were served on plates from the Italian tableware brand "Riccard Marzi", which uses natural fruits and plants as ingredients.

In addition, new color models for this spring will be displayed throughout the venue.
The reputation from the customers who gathered is also excellent.
It will be released soon, so please wait for a while.

The main event this time was the announcement of the new Queen Lake series at the chapel in the hotel.

Katia takes out the new model from the displayed box.
We have announced two series: a small bag in line with the global trend of small-sized bags, and a bag with a large storage capacity for ease of use.

A new collection that has not yet been officially named.
Originally, it was a limited model that I requested for a party, but due to its high quality and good design and size, it is a series that will be added to the new collection.

However, the models we have prepared are the only limited models in the world with different rope and body coloring.

The introduction of the new model will be another opportunity.
General sales will be a little ahead, but please look forward to it.

Everyone who came to L4K3 NIGHT,
thank you very much.
Thank you for your continued support of L4K3!
March 15, 2023