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Down jacket

MADE IN Hokkaido down brand Retar Nuy.

While maintaining high specs that can withstand Hokkaido's harsh cold, rain and wind, we have achieved a design and silhouette that does not compromise fashion.

?Functionality that allows you to stay comfortable even in extremely cold regions
?Design designed to blend in even in the city
Product features
Features of this down jacket - "Feather quality"
・"Prevents invasion of water and cold air"
・"Comfort and lightness"

The important feather is filled with 230g of superior white goose down from the Polish company SEDAR, which boasts a fill power of 800FP.

This product has a 5-layer structure.

Outer material (3 layer material) + Down pack (back?) + Lining

These 5 layers + feathers prevent cold air from entering from outside.

It also provides warmth by being constructed in a way that prevents the warm air inside from leaking out.

The outer material uses high-performance material: MU-TECH.

It is a special 3-layer laminate material, and by using a special polyurethane film in the middle layer, it is a highly functional material that achieves high water pressure resistance, high moisture permeability, and wind resistance.

In addition, the 3-layer structure has a water pressure resistance of 20,000mm level / moisture permeability of 8,000g / m2 / 24hr level.

The lining is also made of highly water-repellent and anti-static material.

The feature is that it has an overall solid design.

It is designed so that there are no down seams on the surface so that it can be worn over a suit.

The front is solid and gives a stylish impression, but this is a highly functional hooded down coat.

We pay special attention to the design of the clothes, called the pattern, and create a physical pattern that matches the structure of the human body, so it is extremely comfortable to wear.

The placket is designed to rise up to the level of the chin, but it is designed so that even if the zipper is closed all the way to the top, it will not cause discomfort around the neck, and the inner collar containing down is also included to prevent cold air from entering from the neck. Prevent.

The front zipper also has windproof flaps on the front and back sides to improve cold protection. The zipper is a YKK Vislon type that opens and closes at the top and bottom for smooth attachment and detachment.

To make it easy to wear over a suit, there are no inner ribs on the sleeves, and the sleeves can be tightened with buttons.

The shape of the sleeves has been arranged to cover the back of the hand.

The inside of the pocket is all made of microfleece material and also functions as a hand warm pocket.

This is an essential feature for northern countries.
[Outer material]
Highly functional material: MU-TECH 3 layer material (high water pressure resistance, high moisture permeability, windproof)
Nylon: 100%

[Inner cotton]
・Polish superior white goose down 800FP 230g filling (M size)
・Down: 90%
・Feather: 10%

We use Polish white goose with a fill power of 800, which is the highest quality in the world, far exceeding the 550 fill power that is generally considered high quality.

Produced at a sewing factory in Hokkaido with reliable technology that can undertake down production for highly sensitive brands, from Japan's top brands to Paris Fashion Week brands.
size Length shoulder width Body wrap hem width Sleeve Length
XS 83cm 45cm 53cm 60cm 62cm
S 85cm 46.5cm 55cm 62cm 64cm
M 87.5cm 48cm 57cm 64cm 66cm
L 90 49.5cm 59cm 66cm 68cm
XL 92.5 51cm 61cm 68cm 71cm