L4K3 × muta T-shirts (ICE CREAM)


L4K3 × muta T-Shirts
The second apparel collection created by L4K3 and MUTA collaboration is MUTA's classic T-shirt series.

The unique design of L4K3 is mixed and stretched for a comfortable fit, making it perfect for everyday use, as well as summer outfits that look great on the town or on the beach.
The print of Smile ICE CREAM wearing the L4K3 cap is unique.

A piece with an exquisite balance of loveliness and poisonousness.

The details such as the back print and the patch on the hem are elaborate.

A stretchy T-shirt with a tight silhouette.
SIZE Height Width shoulder width Sleeve Length
0 (WF) 60cm 43cm 36cm 17cm
4(S) 67cm 46cm 41cm 20.5cm
5 (M) 68cm 49cm 42.5cm 21.5cm
6(L) 69cm 52cm 44cm 22.5cm
7 (XL) 70cm 55cm 45.5cm 23cm
Cotton: 95%
Polyurethane: 5%