L4K3 × muta Light Bonding hoodie (HEART/WHITE)


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L4K3 x muta
Light bonding setup
A light bonding setup consisting of a hoodie and pants created in collaboration with L4K3 and MUTA.

The pullover type hoodie has a design that is full of originality with the patches attached to the chest and shoulders so that even one piece can be the main part of the styling.

It is light and comfortable to wear without stress, and has a smooth three-dimensional silhouette for a clean impression.

The pants are made of light bonding material that is smooth and light, making it highly mobile and comfortable to wear.

Although it has a simple design, the collaboration logo on the feet is impressive, making it an item that can be worn with any top or outerwear.
・Polyester: 76%
・Rayon: 18%
・Polyurethane: 6%

・Polyester: 76%
・Rayon: 18%
・Polyurethane: 6%
[Women's size]
■ Parker
・Length: 64.5cm
・Width: 56.0cm
・Shoulder width: 45.5cm
・Sleeve length: 59.5cm

■ Pants
・Waist: 74.0cm
・Hip: 92.0cm
・Rise 25.5cm
・Inseam 62.5cm
・Width 29.0cm

[4(S) size]
■ Parker
・Length: 67.5cm
・Width: 58.0cm
・Shoulder width: 47.0cm
・Sleeve length: 61.5cm

■ Pants
・Waist: 78.0cm
・Hip: 96.0cm
・Rise: 26.0cm
・Inseam: 63.5cm
・Width: 30.0cm

[5 (M) size]
■ Parker
・Length 69.5cm
・Width 60.0cm
・Shoulder width 48.5cm
・Sleeve length 63.0cm

■ Pants
・Waist: 82.0cm
・Hip: 100cm
・Rise: 26.5cm
・Inseam: 65.5cm
・Width: 31.0cm

[6(L) size]
■ Parker
・Length: 71.0cm
・Width: 62.0cm
・Shoulder width: 50.0cm
・Sleeve length: 64.0cm

■ Pants
・Waist: 86.0cm
・Hip: 104cm
・Rise: 27.0cm
・Inseam: 67.5cm
・Width: 32.0cm

[7 (XL) size]
■ Parker
・Length: 72.0cm
・Width: 65.0cm
・Shoulder width: 52.0cm
・Sleeve length 65.0cm

■ Pants
・Waist: 92.0cm
・Hip: 110cm
・Rise: 27.5cm
・Inseam: 68.5cm
・Width: 33.0cm

[8 (XXL) size]
■ Parker
・Length: 73.0cm
・Width: 69.0cm
・Shoulder width: 54.0cm
・Sleeve length: 66.0cm

■ Pants
・Waist: 98.0cm
・Hip: 116cm
・Rise: 28.5cm
・Inseam: 70.0cm
・Width: 35.0cm